2014 WordPress Responsive Video Tutorials

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2014 WordPress Responsive Video Tutorials

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New 2014 Learning Material:

Hello to all and I hope this post finds you well. This year is going to be full of new powerful tutorials from MindVisionmedia dealing with the Responsive Theme and many others.

There are 5 brand new WordPress Video Tutorials on YouTube right now that will help you enhance your Responsive Theme from CyberChimps to new levels. YT-channel-ThumbThese easy to follow videos are made with the beginner in mind. There are plenty of rushed, fast-paced videos on YouTube already, I try to consider those who are learning web design as well as WordPress.

So far the feedback for the MVM site and YouTube Channel has been great both nationally and internationally. I wish at times I had a full staff to assist me with all of the feedback, questions, comments and suggestions.

This whole thing started out with me just wanting to help others through the frustration of learning WordPress and in particular the Responsive Theme from then ThemeID. Now I have over a thousand followers and over 80,000 views with hundreds of hours of tutorial lessons viewed. It has become more than I expected and the demand is still there for content like this.

To see these new 2014 video tutorial releases and more, visit my YouTube Channel at MindVisionMedia Tips


 Coming Soon!

2014ThemeA new video tutorial series on the new 2014 Theme from WordPress. This is a powerful theme that will be sure to please just like its predecessors, 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013. The new 2014 theme is packed with features and is aesthetically superior in my opinion to the previous updates with its magazine style format and layout options. With all of the theme competition out there, this default theme will definitely give the big boys a run for their money, figuratively speaking since the theme is completely free.

I can see their won’t be much that needs to be done for this theme in the way of appearance, they’ve done a good job of that already. The layout options can serve so many genres which makes it a very versatile theme. The test I’ve run on it so far show it to be smooth and robust. Some users may find it hard to modify though because their doesn’t seem to be many options as with some other themes. But once you know how to navigate the themes available options and apply some different methods and plugins, I think everyone will be happy with this version in the end.

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