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Mindvisionmedia.net was the brainchild of Allan back in 2007 and originally it served as a demo for his work and skills in the media and design industry. But in 2012 he realized the need for more resources for those trying to learn about building websites and taking advantage of Internet business opportunities. With a background in Video and Film production, Graphics, Photography and Web Design, Allan brings a combination of perspectives to his work and after years of learning and sacrificing, finally in 2013, the Minds Vision was born.

This site is here to assist in the education of those seeking to establish an online presence by building or by having someone build a website and those seeking to increase their current online presence with tools such as E-Marketing, E-Business and E-Commerce. Whether you have a site or a blog, the approach is the same. You must establish what it is that you are going to project and Allan has built this site to help in that process.

This site also serves as a working demo of Allan’s skills and abilities. It demonstrates his knowledge in design, code customization, writing basic code including HTML, CSS and PHP, using images and video, creating graphics and animation, creating advertisements and slideshows, recording and creating learning materials via screen capture and building a YouTube Channel with thousands of viewers. Mindvisionmedia.net demonstrates the passion, dedication and gratification Allan receives from learning and sharing what he learns to help others in need. To learn more about Allan, visit the button links below for “Profile” and “Bio”.

The entire MindVisionMedia.net project was put together by Allan and encompasses the vast array of mediums and social networking channels inherent in web development today. The Internet has changed and is changing, so must web design. Allan humbly considers himself a baby webmaster, many would argue, but in the end what he is, is a man with a mission to gain and share knowledge with a world community eager to learn. MindVisionMedia has reached most corners of the earth including but not limited to America, Asia, Australia, Africa, Israel, the Middle East, Germany, the Ukraine and Brazil in just a few months time. WordPress is a powerful and useful CMS and Allan hopes to help spread the use and knowledge of it through this project.

When building a website, be it a product or service you must provide something that people want or you will just have a nice looking website and nothing to do with it. Why invest the time and money? Why build just a website when the same time and money can build a website that can make you money online?

Take advantage of the information freely provided on this site. There are many valuable tips, tutorials and resources available to the Internet community that can help you make a well thought out decision regarding your future on the Internet.

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