CyberChimps changes support for Responsive Free

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CyberChimps changes support for Responsive Free

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cyberchimps-supportCyberChimps changes support for Responsive Free as of February 1st, 2014. Hello everyone, I hope this post finds you well. CyberChimps will no longer be providing pro level support for the Responsive Theme Free version and will limit whatever support they do give. You will need to sign up for a paid monthly support service or upgrade to the Responsive Pro theme which comes with support. This means that users will no longer be able to get help with customization issues regarding CyberChimps Themes, in particular the Responsive Theme formally of ThemeID.

Sites like and Allan’s YouTube Channel that have filled a niche for support, help and training for WordPress and the Responsive Theme even before the transition from ThemeID are a valuable resource for the web, WordPress and Responsive Theme user communities. Users from all over the world take advantage of the resources and free training available from sites like and its sister channel (MindVisionMedia Tips) on YouTube .

The Responsive Theme is one of the most downloaded and used free themes among WordPress users today. Finding help with this theme or should I say not finding help with this theme is part of what motivated the creation of this site and the series of training videos it provides. So if you use the FREE Responsive Theme from CyberChimps and need support or help customizing your theme, checkout the free resources at and also the free training videos at MVM on YouTube!

CyberChimps is doing a great job turning the company in to a competitor on the market and they have some great themes. But there still remains a large free theme-user community that needs help and guidance. For those who would like to read the announcement from CyberChimps, click here. It is understandable that a company would need to streamline its resources and focus on profit and making every minute count. This is another opportunity for the open-source community to step up and provide the needed guidance for those who aspire to be a part of this wonderful thing called the Internet.

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