E-Commerce or Electronic Commerce is primarily the use of technologies such as computers in conjunction with the Internet to sell goods or services online. The use of media campaigns, email, social media and private or virtual computer networks are powerful tools for a business that saves time and money. The e-commerce industry has grown exponentially and in close unison with the deportation of jobs in certain segments such as the telemarketing industry and retail store front shopping jobs primarily because people can buy your product online.

The biggest segment of jobs that have been “deported” are manufacturing related and thus, people have turned to the Internet seeking a better opportunity and the chance to control their own destiny in a growing, not shrinking frontier . The Internet is one of the few far-reaching and capable opportunities still left for anyone to be apart of that doesn’t require a ton of investment to get started in. The Internet can’t lay you off and isn’t going anywhere but up in terms of growth and opportunity.

E-Commerce is the basis of Internet business and it’s ability to compete with brick and mortar businesses. With less over-head, workers compensation and other debilitating business operating cost, the Internet is a relatively simple venture to join with all the information, tools and resources available. Mindvisionmedia.net is here to provide you with at least some of those tools and resources to help you get on your way to making money online. Businesses in general have been able to increase their outreach and profit margins due to the growth and accessibility of the Internet.

The increase in e-commerce has demanded that security measures be put in place to assure the consumer feels safe while conducting online purchases and that is why it has been so successful. Without electronic security, the world of e-commerce would have been stopped in it’s tracks and never been allowed to reach the level it is at today.

According to the United States Census Bureau, e-commerce generated  a whopping $133 billion dollars in revenue. Of which approximately $23 billion of that was due to e-marketing and advertising.

There are so many choices and niches available to choose from that you should be able to find where you fit in, but first think of what passions you have and how you can provide or sell something related to your passion or niche. Having a niche is the key to an online business and e-commerce. You can have the prettiest site on the Internet but if you are selling bath salts for buffalo’s, then you probably won’t be successful.

However, if you establish your niche or a niche that interest people on a big scale, then you may be on your way to online success. The e-commerce part is the easy part compared to finding a product or service niche that people need that will generate income for you online through your Internet presence.

E-Commerce describes what you will be doing, conducting electronic commerce online via computers and secure servers. One of the best things about an E-Commerce based business is the lack of over-head. In many cases you won’t even have an inventory of products because a lot of e-commerce involves drop-shipping whereby you sell the products of another company and they handle all the shipping and inventory.

Compared to a regular business you can reach a wider market and go international without even planning to because people all over the world have access to the Internet and your products and services. Increasingly, more and more people are using the Internet to conduct normal everyday shopping tasks primarily to take advantage of the tremendous savings available. If you are positioned to provide those goods and services then you are on a path to success working for yourself.

My wish is that you gain a sense of confidence as well as obtaining a wealth of knowledge and information to help you get a plan together. Please don’t be afraid to spend your time and your money investing in your future. I went to bed many a nights over the years hungry because I bought books, software or equipment in an effort to give myself marketable skills and invest in my education and freedom from that 9 to 5 job that doesn’t appreciate you.

Don’t let anybody discourage you from pursuing entrepreneurship. Barring professional athletes, doctors and lawyers, the rest of us need another vehicle to get us to financial freedom and the Internet is one of the last frontiers offering wealth to those who master it.

Many will try to convince you not to do it or put fear and doubt in you. They will tell you that you can’t do it or that there is some report somewhere that say’s it won’t work. Those are usually people who themselves are stuck in analysis paralysis spending years thinking about their idea instead of going for it. Rich people all over the country and the world will tell you that they never listened to what people said, they stayed focused after doing their due diligence (research) and seeing that it can be done and believing in themselves. Nothing ventured means set your alarm clock so you can get up tomorrow and go to that job you hate again and again until they don’t need you anymore.

Think about the hamburger! Ever notice how you stop at a red light and there is a Burger King, a McDonald’s, a Jack-In-The-Box, and a Wendy’s sharing the same corner of a major intersection? They all sell hamburgers yet they are all fortune 500 companies and business is booming for all of them. Build it, they will come, sell it and they will buy. There is enough for everybody. The same applies to gas stations sharing the same intersection. Now you can’t sell gasoline online or at least I don’t think you can, but there are plenty of things you can sell or provide. Hopefully, Mindvisionmedia.net in some way helps you to create a plan for your Internet venture.

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