Way’s to Make Money Online:

E-Marketing is the next step in the progression in to the online sales and service industry or e-business. Marketing is describing things in a way that engages and sparks interest, products or services are presented for the purposes of selling. E-Marketing is the online version of that process. Once you have a niche, a website and all the other foundational things in place for your e-business, it’s time to market or promote yourself, your goods or your service. E-marketing involves the use of all forms of the audio and visual communications medium as well as other forms of advertising such as email, social media networks like Facebook and Twitter. In other words, the Internet offers many way’s to communicate with your target market.

Here are some ways to monetize your website and earn additional income.

Affiliate Marketing:

The use of affiliate marketing is useful as well because it offers an additional way to sell your products without actually hiring more employees or salespeople. The affiliate gets a percentage of each sale they make for you and that motivates them to further market your products or service without you spending a dime on advertising. There are other opportunities through interactive dynamic websites that engage the shopper and allow them to tailor their experience with your site or business and store their favorite products, create a wish-list, monitor product availability, etc.

Marketing in it’s native forms (print, cable and TV) is very expensive. However, the Internet, encompassing e-business, e-commerce and e-marketing, offers the business owner a very economical way to reach out to their audience. The costs for e-marketing are far less than traditional methods. But keep in mind that having an understanding of your niche and your customers is key to developing online strategies that effectively bring in the clients. The Internet offers advertising on steroids.

We have all received emails from unsolicited offers for products and services before. For this reason, I want to stress that there is a method and a protocol to e-marketing. First, you don’t want to cross the line and disrespect your potential customers by participating in what are known as ad scams. these are the typical Spam emails and intrusive tactics used by companies who are competing aggressively for your business. Keep an ethical demeanor and follow the guidelines to ensure you are making people happy instead of making them resent your business.

The way Internet marketing works mostly is through SEO or Search Engine Optimization. This is the process of tailoring and optimizing your websites meta-tags and keywords as well as page content and tags to be attractive to search engines used by everyone on the Internet. We all type in a keyword or question in to our browser and hit search. The search results that show up are tailored to the keywords, phrases or questions you typed in. Usually the biggest companies show up on the search page with high or top ranking. This is because they have the money to invest in advanced SEO implementation that can be as expensive as traditional advertising methods.

So by doing your research on your niche, figuring out what keywords and phrases best describe you product or service, you can optimize your search engine visibility and search rankings. this is probably the most complicated and time-consuming aspect of e-marketing that requires a lot of time and research on your part. Mindvisionmedia.net offers valuable information to help with SEO and other e-marketing methods. Ultimately it is up to you to present your business, product or service the way you want, but careful consideration should be taken of the best practices in place.

Products or Services:

A more traditional way to make money online is to sell goods or provide services. This group is pretty self-explanatory. Sites like eBay and Amazon are the best examples of this type of site. If you have your own product great, but if you don’t you can sell products manufactured by others. If you have skills and can provide a service like Virtual Assistant or Help Desk type services, that can be a way of generating traffic and income online as well.

Surveys and Articles:

You can get paid for giving your opinion or writing reviews about goods and services. Companies are willing to pay for your opinion and advice as it relates to their products. Feedback is very important to companies. they need to know what customers think and want so they can make any changes needed to the existing model they use.


Again, writing can make you money. In today’s extremely social society. Blogging and social networking sites generate tons of traffic. Traffic equates to profit if the traffic is guided to something they need or want. Having a niche that is popular or trendy can draw in tons of web traffic if you market and promote the right way. When you capture an audience with good content or subject-matter, you can then present affiliate ad’s to generate income through advertising.

T-Shirts and Novelties:

With so much going on in the world today and with opinions at an all-time high with regards to politics, war, world peace, alternative energy, etc, creating and selling t-shirts or novelties that reflect the sentiment of different demographics is a good way to create some extra income. Humorous and seasonal t-shirts and products are always good sellers too. Let your creative juices flow and get your children involved too! Check out Zazzle.com for some great ideas to get you going…

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