Black Studio TinyMCE Changes

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Black Studio TinyMCE

Black Studio TinyMCE Changes

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Hello all from Allan at, I hope this post finds you well.

Black Studio TinyMCEThis is probably going to be the shortest post yet but I just have to clear up some confusion on one of the most powerful plugins for WordPress, The Black Studio TinyMCE plugin. The plugin works in conjunction with the standard TinyMCE visual editor plugin and adds awesome versatility and control over how you present your content.

It places a useful WYSIWYG widget to your existing widgets area that you can drag to your sidebar or even inside another widget and use instead of the regular Arbitrary Text and HTML widget allowing for images and video to be added to your sidebars or page. It has the same editing capabilities as the post and page editor so you can fine tune and enhance your widgets, sidebars, pages and posts far beyond the standard WP editor and standard widgets.

In recent updates the name has changed from Black Studio TinyMCE Widget to the Visual Editor Widget. So many have contacted me regarding some of my tutorials that showcase the plugin asking where is it or what happened to it after they updated, I can’t find it in my Widget area? Well you’re not crazy, the name changed and apparently this has caused a bit of confusion and you know me, I’m always trying to make things simple and clear in WordPress especially for beginners. Go to your widget area and look for the “visual editor” widget and use it as you would any other widget.

If you’re not taking advantage of this powerful tool that will enhance your editing capabilities, then you should. It’s simple to use and once you try it, you’ll never stop using it regardless of the theme you choose. Hope this helps…

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