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Congratulations! You are taking the first steps towards creating your own Website and learning about starting your own online business! I have provided the following information in sections so that in the end you will have a basic overall understanding of e-business, e-commerce, e-marketing including affiliate marketing and how it all ties in together when building a website. You’ll see how planning and hard work can open the door to endless possibilities. This site is packed with great information and resources to help you get on your way with a clear plan of attack.

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The first thing you need to do is start with a plan. What kind of site are you going to design? If you don’t know, ask yourself will it be a product site, a service site, an affiliate site or just a personal site? What is your sites “niche” or purpose? You need to know this so you don’t get the wrong type of hosting package and features for one. Designing the site will come soon enough but determining what your “niche”, “product” or “service” will be is definitely a way to get a good start. There are many ways to make money online and I can show you how to do what many including myself have done. Having at least a basic understanding of what an online business consist of is key. The sections below will help you understand the basics.
E-Business In our current technologically driven society is primarily the act or art of selling goods or services electronically online. Conducting electronic business falls under the E-Commerce umbrella since it involves electronic sales transactions through your e-business. When you want to do business online or electronically, you need an understanding of the playing field and your options in order to make the most out of your Internet venture. Either as a beginner or as an established online entrepreneur who may want to expand or increase your business, information is essential. – Read more
E-Commerce or Electronic Commerce in today’s technologically driven society is primarily the use of technologies such as computers in conjunction with the Internet to sell goods or services online. The industry has grown exponentially and in close unison with the deportation of jobs in America over the last 10 years. The Internet is one of the few far-reaching and capable opportunities still left for anyone to be apart of that doesn’t require a ton of investment to get started in. – Read more
E-Marketing is the next step in the progression in to the online sales and service industry or e-business. Once you have a niche, a website and all the other foundational things in place for your business, it’s time to market or promote yourself, your goods or your service. E-marketing involves the use of all forms of the audio and visual communications medium as well as other forms of advertising such as email, social media networks like Facebook and Twitter. In other words, the internet offers many way’s to communicate with your target market. – Read more

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Did you know that free and cheap domain names are usually owned by someone else? Unless you purchase your domain name from a reliable Domain Registrar (a company authorized to register domain names for the public) and register it in your own name, you are NOT the owner!Domain Name 101:

Think of a domain name like an address to your site or business location on the Internet.

All domain names are registered with ICANN (The Internet Corporation of Assigned Names and Numbers) through an accredited domain name registrar.

TLD’s or “top level domains” are the extensions that follow the name of your site Like .com, .net, .org, etc.

When someone types in your web address to your site, the “DNS” (Domain Name System) servers communicate with the registry to determine the assigned IP address at your web hosting company the site is located at, the connection is established and the user is taken to your site. This all happens within seconds of you typing in the web address.

Owning your own domain name gives YOU, the owner FULL control over your domain until you relinquish it or do not re-register it or sell it. Why is all this important?
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The hosting package you chose will be based on the type of site you’ve decided to build. This is because when you are selecting your hosting package at sign up you will be asked which plan and features you want. It is not absolutely mandatory that you decide at that point but you will save time and money if you do. This is because your site type will determine if you need such features as e-commerce, shopping carts, databases etc.

You can always upgrade or change hosting companies all together down the line but again, why waste the time and money by not taking a little time to plan it all out in the beginning. If you don’t know, ask yourself will it be a product site requiring e-commerce features? Will it be a service site requiring database access and secured service portals? Or will it be an affiliate site or just a personal site?. Designing the site will come soon enough but the most important part about choosing a host service is figuring out what you plan to do with the site.

Most hosting companies offer various plans to accommodate any kind of site and offer features and tools to help you succeed.
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The web design aspect will indeed be the fun part. Watching your idea come to life in a visual fashion will excite you allow you to see your idea or plan as it begins to take form and shape. You will be able to take advantage of all the aspects we have discussed and apply them in this phase. Keeping in mind your niche, your target audience and what functionality will best suit the needs of your visitors or clients. Your hosting package should have provided you with the tools needed to build your site without knowing any code. These site builder programs offer a lot of options to include social media interaction and e-commerce if needed. You are now on your way with only a few more steps to complete. read more… – Read more
Protecting your website and your customers is paramount. You should know that Internet security is a major factor if you plan to establish an online presence. The threats from adware, malware, viruses, intrusive marketing infections, tracking cookies and spam are more prevalent than ever. The people who code malicious viruses, shady marketers and thieves are always willing to compromise your computer, site and unsuspecting customers just to make a buck! Your hosting company should provide you with adequate base-level security and backup options as well as the ability to upgrade your security if needed. find out more… – Read more

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