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What is is the brainchild and creation of Allan Whitney, long time media professional working in and out of the Industry. Allan’s skill-sets are varied and encompass a wide range of talents including but not limited to: Video production, Photography, Web and Graphic Design, Audio Production, Modeling, Acting and Voice Overs. It’s purpose is to provide predominately FREE and useful information and resources to web designers, bloggers and internet entrepreneurs.

What does MVM do with information they get from visitors of this site?

Allan Whitney and are 100% committed to enforcing the rights of others in life and in general. This site is no exception and does not use, sell or distribute any information about ANY of its users, visitors and or members who subscribe in any way to or Allan’s YouTube Channel.

Where does get it’s information?

The information provided here comes from books, research and real-life experience working on projects and working with individuals in the respective fields or professions discussed on this site. is this information going to make you successful or rich? That is entirely up to you, the individual. Results vary in every facet of life, however the information here is valid and accurate and can help anybody have a better understanding to further themselves. Knowledge is the best of all tools and knowledge is what provides.

What are the ad’s on the site about?

The ad’s seen throughout the site are known as Affiliate Ad’s. These are a way to monetize this site and generate very small credits that help to maintain and offset the upkeep as well as the updating of this site so that I can continue to offer an abundance of information and resources free of charge.

How can help me? is a resource for web designers, bloggers and internet entrepreneurs who seek to learn or fortify what they may already know in one easy place. Here you will find information on E-business, E-Commerce, E-Marketing, Web Design and WordPress CMS without having to navigate to another site. I attempt to provide information on a multitude of topics that may help the person with a web presence already and those who desire to establish one. This information would normally be found by conducting many searches over a period of time and researching several sites and it is presented here in one location for your convenience. I answer questions, conduct training and produce tutorials that help others achieve a better understanding of one or more of the topic’s covered on this site.

How do I join

You may join the newsletter by clicking here to make a request. You may also go to YouTube and join Allan’s channel where his tutorial videos are hosted. Just go here and click subscribe on the channel options.

How do I learn about something not discussed or covered on this site? will do everything in its power to assist an individual or small business in an area not covered or discussed on this site by using the vast network of professionals i am connected to. Just send a request via my contact page and I will get back to you at my earliest convenience. I am here to help the community in every way.

Where do I report an error or problem on your site?

You may use the contact page to contact support and your issue will be given the highest priority to resolve the issue.

How can I show support for

Maintaining MVM takes a lot of work and there are costs, you may buy me lunch or help with maintaining this site’s efforts by going here. You can also contact me via the contact page request form to discuss the type of support you want to give. And without spending a dime you can tell your friends, family and coworkers about and what I am giving to the internet community. Either way, your support is greatly appreciated!

Where is located and can I come see it? is located in Central California and does not offer walk-in service or operate from a Brick and Mortar facility. If a meeting is desired at my location, please use the request form via the contact page.

Image Usage: Creative Commons and Intellectual Property Rights

Image Rights and Authorization:

MVM Digital Content and Stock Image Copyrights: All rights reserved and expressed 2007-2014.

This applies to ALL digital works including but not limited to images, video, created graphics and illustrations, downloadable images and static images and video from Images offered as downloads are for personal use only. Any use thereof for commercial use, sale, distribution or duplication requires written consent from Allan Whitney at Images NOT offered for download are prohibited and require written consent to authorize their use in any manner both personal and commercial.

Watermarks whether visible or invisible including META data will be used and applied to all images created and produced by the owner. This meta data allows for the images to be searched for and tracked for intentional abuse on the internet. The owner of said images implies that ALL personal Images are the sole property of Allan Whitney and meta data added to all images both offered and not offered as downloadable from this site including but not limited to images from the download section of this site, images of models and subjects in the pages displayed throughout the traceable. These rights are administered under the Jurisdictional guidelines of the Intellectual Property and Digital Rights Section of the Creative Commons Standard.

If you would like to use any images on this site, a written request must be made to Allan Whitney and only he can authorize the use thereof after determination is clearly made of the intended use of said images. Images that are offered as downloads are intended for personal use only with the clear understanding that if you use these images for any reason whether non-commercial or commercial with permission granted, credit MUST be given to the Photographer and creator as follows: “Photo Credit: Allan Whitney”.

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