Responsive Theme Home PHP vs Front-Page PHP

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Responsive Theme Home PHP vs Front-Page PHP

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WordPress Responsive Theme Home PHP vs Front-Page PHP:

Hello all, I hope this post finds you well. In recent months I have received several emails about conflicts using methods I demonstrate on some of my tutorial videos with the old and new theme files. When CyberChimps took over the Responsive Theme from ThemeID, changes to the theme soon followed. One of the changes was the file name change of the home.php file. The newer versions of the theme called it front-page.php instead. this caused some confusion from people watching some of my older tutorials that dealt with the file name home php. You can watch the video below.

I try to make it a habit never to teach or upload a method or tutorial that has not been tested over and over by myself and others as well but to ensure that there were not any issues with the methods I was and still are using in my video tutorials, I decided to test each version of the Responsive Theme with these editing methods. I decided to make this a video tutorial as well so that it could help clear up some of the confusion regarding the  files, home.php and front-page.php.

Both files handle the main page content, the title, sub title, the main content and call to action button, and on the right side the featured content (image, video, etc). the newer file does have some slightly different code in it but that is because the code has been improved and made compliant with new web standards. All of the instructions for the content on the home page of the responsive theme are still there in both files. Any additional, modified or missing code in the new file should just be ignored as edits are made to the file in a child theme or on a copy as they do not apply to the modification being made.

My Full Width Slider Tutorial on YouTube has drawn attention to this issue as some have stated that it doesn’t work on the new file. Please watch the video as I test the methods on 2 versions (very old and very new) and discover that if applied correctly, these methods will allow you to modify your Responsive Theme easily and with satisfaction.

Each file is compared in a side-by-side and the differences and similarities are discussed on video, then 2 versions of the Responsive theme are tested with the methods, version (old) and version (new). the results indicate that the methods do work and are proven and tested on both older and newer versions of the Responsive Theme. these methods not only work on the Responsive Theme from CyberChimps but other WordPress themes as well. Care must be taken when working with any code however whether it be on a child theme, the original file, a copy, etc. Even one character of code left out or added to the equation will break the code and cause problems.

If you are new to dealing with CSS and PHP, please take your time when editing the code, copying and pasting the code, cutting out code (removing), etc. Be sure to work off of a child theme or a copy of the original file as recommended in all of my video tutorials. That way you have a backup copy of your work to fall back on in case you make a mistake or break the code. Visit my Website or YouTube Channel for more information

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