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The Next WordPress Update – My Wish List | MindVisionMedia.net

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Allan’s Wish List for the next WordPress upgrade:

Greetings to all from Allan at MindVisionMedia.net and I hope this post find you well!

My name is Allan, and I use WordPress everyday. There are a few things I keep wishing WordPress had built in to the new design. This post examines a few ideas I have for the awesome development team at WordPress.

Add Comment Settings to Media File Parameters: Please give us an option to set this while already setting parameters for the media file. By default, WordPress sets comments to on for media files. You must manually turn them off as they are not turned off in the Discussion settings along with pages and posts.

Seeing comments when you turned them off can be confusing to most. But this little know back door that allows comments (especially comment spam) to enter unobstructed.

Having an option to quickly turn comments on or off for media files while looking at and setting the main parameters for the image anyway would be super convenient.

Personally I had to go back and turn them off individually for over 100 images. Unfortunately there is no bulk editing feature to edit multiple media files at once. You can do this for pages and posts but not media files. This would be another great addition to the media section while you’re adding the above-mentioned comments option guy’s, add extended bulk media file actions (hint)…

Add Updated User Count to Dashboard: It would be nice to have an updated user count when logging in or “hovering” over the User link in the Dashboard.You can quickly notice if you have gained or lost users when you log in to your WordPress Dashboard. 

This gives you the ability to prioritize your time in the Dashboard by knowing right away if you need to do User Management during this session. Lets say I have 132 users when I log out, but the next time I log in, I have 148 Users, now I know that I need to do some User management right away to check the roles for these new users and any management tasks I have set up for my members.

It can be visible already or appear when you hover over the user link as with some of the other Dashboard menu items. Of course its just a bell or whistle, but it sure would be a handy quick reference when I first log in to my Dashboard.

Hopefully I’m not the only user who sees a use for this and it would be relatively simple to add this particular convenience feature to an already elegant and user-friendly interface.

I think it would help quite a few people who run membership sites and it would  look pretty cool if the colors matched the selected profile colors.

Add Settings for Revisions: Oh boy, this one holds a special place in my WordPress heart. Please give us a setting to turn revisions on or off, or at least restrict how many we want to save on an individual post basis. Having every single edit saved is not practical for non-editorial, article or Blog-style sites.

And for some websites who challenge their allotted query limit on their database, this is a factor that can make or break a site. I shaved over 12MB off of my database recently just from unneeded revisions. 

The feature is necessary but not in its present configuration. I’m hopeful that enough threads are on this topic to get the attention of WordPress so they add this much needed feature in the next update. I use a plugin to manage my revisions but if WordPress or Jetpack would add a feature, that would take a big burden off of the end user and add even more power and control to this amazing CMS.

Imagine how this could help a giant corporation using WordPress to manage resources on their VPS or Dedicated Servers that rely on lean running databases.

Chime in folks, let WordPress know your thoughts and ideas. It is an Open-Source Project that can’t continue to grow and dominate without real-time feedback for some its most frequent users…

Allan Whitney


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Best WordPress Plugin for Revision Removal

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WordPress | Optimize Database after Deleting Revisions Plugin

Do you have a ton of revisions but don’t know what to do?

Optimize-Data3Not often do I write a review but this caught my eye. You might recall that I briefly mentioned a couple of plugins in a recent post about WordPress Revisions eating up resources in your database. Obviously, the revisions feature is a necessity in a CMS like WordPress or any other. I love the feature and have had to use it on more than one occasion.

There are sites that use it quite frequently and deliberately. But having a setting that allows you to decide for yourself, based on your individual needs, i.e. you are a writer or run an article site or magazine site, etc, or you rarely write anything, would be a great addition the arsenal of WP.

Having used several database management plugins, I have discovered my favorite and just have to let people know more about it. Once you set this thing up, one click gets rid of all the extra revisions that fall outside your parameters in an instant. It even gets rid of transients, spammed items and unused tags as well as keeping a log file.


For example, I had over 115 revisions on just one page in my site because I was testing out some new plugins and layouts, ah, thats kinda overkill on the revisions I think guys. Anyway, I digress, Back to the story, somewhere in a town in the Netherlands lives and works a man, a web developer, artist and partner in a web development company in Eindhoven called CAGE Web Design, Rolf van Gelder is his name. Rolf created a plugin called “Optimize Database after Deleting Revisions” (current version 2.7.7).

I mean the name of this plugin just screams simplicity and it actually does what it says which deserves credit these days. The setup and settings are easy and give you good refinement on what you want to keep in terms of revisions. I only keep (2) revisions no matter what I am editing!

It keeps the clutter down and a load off my database which is always good with a large site like mine. And as you will see below, it saved a ton of space in my database for MVM. Rolf thought of everything, it even lets you choose the tables and rows in the database you want to exclude or include, he did a really good job, KUDOS Rolf from the States!

Optimize-Data1You saved me a ton of resources on my overloaded database and increased my caching and load time, both front and back while editing. If you haven’t heard of this one, you might want to check it out. Its available through your WordPress Plugin Dashboard,  just search for the name.

The “total savings since first run” in the picture below indicates how much total space this plugin saved out of my database allocated to “revisions”! Twelve and a half MB is a lot for a database so just consider how many revisions you have since you upgraded WordPress, it could be as much as me or even more!

Here is a link to the developers site,
Optimize Database after Deleting Revisions

Allan Whitney

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WordPress 3.8.1 Revisions feature causes Database problems!

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WordPress 3.8.1 Revisions feature causes Database issues!

Hello from Allan at MindVisionMedia.net, I hope this post finds you well.

I love the new WordPress versions, they are full of nice changes and features but I recently started having serious issues with my WordPress website. Load time for everything was beyond forever and most of the time whatever I was trying to accomplish timed out. Logging in was a nightmare, trying to edit a page or post was a nightmare, and dealing with my hosting company over the issues was a nightmare.

In the end here’s what I learned:

WordPress-3-8-1-upgrade-550x349-435x349The new versions (3.8.1) of WordPress have built-in a revisions feature that is great in theory, but in reality, we don’t need a copy being saved every minute and we definitely don’t need our hosting company trying to charge us for more database space because we have reached our quota which is what I had to deal with in my case. I was exceeding my database quota several times a day and as a result, I could not log in or get any work done, extremely frustrating to say the least.

After going around and around with my hosting company who apparently didn’t have a clue when it came to my database, I started doing my own research and discovered that the “revisions” feature is causing problems everywhere. Especially for larger sites or sites with lots of posts or pages such as mine. I then researched some database plugins and settled on 2, “Optimize Database after Deleting Revisions” and also “Revision Removal”, both plugins helped me accomplish my goal of deleting all revisions, setting the max revisions to (2) and optimizing the database after reducing its size to less than half its previous size! If you use WordPress, then you are familiar with these words: “Thank God for plugins”

While researching I found numerous people suffering the same issues with their database and there are tons of Google topics on the subject of reducing the database size because of the “revisions” feature in the latest version of WordPress. I am hopeful that WordPress developers will reduce the capability of the revisions feature and limit the revisions to 3-5 max. It appears that no thought was given to the impact of saving so many revisions on the database and I would expect them to correct this very soon.

We all like having a backup copy of our work and the security of knowing that if something happened like a power failure, we would have a revision to fall back on, but in one case I had 115 revisions to just one page alone! Multiply that times 30-40 pages on a site or blog and you end up with hundreds of revisions eating up your database. With so many great features added to the new version, I can’t figure out why they overlooked this flaw. After a week of headaches and frustration, hours on the phone and support chat with my hosting company and hours of my own trying to research and solve my slow-loading and hanging problem, I am finally back to normal thanks to those 2 plugins.

So for anybody else experiencing slow page load, slow log in, slow page or post editing, check your revisions, if the numbers are high, it could be that the number of revisions you have is slowing down your database and site and could cause you to be dead in the water as far as getting any work done. So far I love everything about the new WordPress except for the “revisions” feature, it is too much (over-kill) so please WordPress Developers, add options or limit the number of revisions that are saved as well as the time between revisions being saved, and add some built-in controls to delete revisions or set how many revisions you want to keep.

We all need to give our feedback to WordPress so they can resolve this issue ASAP so please chime in on this subject and let them know. Thanks!

Allan Whitney

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