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Beginners Guide to E-Business | MindVisionMedia.net

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MVM Beginners Guide to E-Business

Introduction to the process of Electronic Business (Transactions):

In our current technologically driven society, E-Business is primarily the act or art of selling goods or services electronically online. Conducting electronic business falls under the E-Commerce umbrella since it involves electronic sales transactions through your e-business. When you want to do business online or electronically, you need an understanding of the playing field and your options in order to make the most out of your Internet venture.


Either as a beginner or as an established online entrepreneur who may want to expand or increase your business, information is essential. There are countless opportunities already in motion online and an equal amount that haven’t been discovered yet by you and I. Getting started is much the same, figuring out what you want to do and what kind of business fits you and can satisfy the needs of a growing market. Mindvisionmedia.net strives to help people understand the dynamics of all that is entailed in electronic business or commerce.

There are many things you can do to prepare yourself by following the success of others, using their formula to achieve the same goals and outcome. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel but it doesn’t hurt to try. Good old American ingenuity is what has brought us to the level our society is today. E-Business also involves buying as much as the selling of goods and services. For a business, buying online offers great savings for business supplies and equipment at wholesale prices and the opportunity to re-sell those goods at a markup.

The vast amount of electronic technologies available today help make the E-Business community stronger and more equipped to handle the ever-growing market of eager shoppers online. It doesn’t matter what type e-business you are in, you will need a website through which to conduct that business.

The website is the portal your customers use to reach your goods and services. It’s visual and informative and offers comfort while shopping because you can take your time and do as much research you need without that sales person trying to rush you to buy. A consumer has tons of information at their fingertips making the modern-day shopper wiser and less gullible as before the Internet. Wise shoppers go online so it is important to put your time in and research the market you want to reach for success.

Use the information and resources provided on this site to prepare yourself for the next step.

MindVisionMedia’s Beginners Guide to E-Commerce: Click the plus sign to open

MVM Beginners Guide to E-Commerce

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MVM Beginners Guide to E-Marketing

MindVisionMedia’s Beginners Guide to Domain Names: Click the plus sign to open

MVM Beginners Guide to Domain Names

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MVM Beginners Guide to Web Hosting

Allan Whitney

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Responsive WordPress Training from MindVisionMedia.net | What People are Saying

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What people are saying about MindVisionMedia.net:

widget-1-2Hello to all and I hope this post finds you well!

After nearly a year of being live, MindVisionMedia.net has provided over 8,800 hours of FREE Responsive WordPress Training to a global community of WordPress beginners and intermediate users, First-Time Web Designers and those just looking to modify their WordPress Theme. MVM has over 102,000 views on YouTube, over 1,000 subscribers and the numbers keep rising.

While honing in on the needs of aspiring web designers and WordPress users, expansion is on the horizon and I hope to continue with my goal of becoming a valued and trusted resource on the Internet for FREE learning materials that empower those who seek to learn and due for self. The Internet offers a wealth of opportunity, and in a time when there are no jobs and no guarantees, hats off to people who try to create one for themselves. My efforts give me great satisfaction when I hear back from my loyal subscribers, followers, students and clients.


Here’s what some of them had to say:

March 5th, 2014 • WordPress Responsive All in one SEO Pack Plugin I just want to say that your tutorials are the best I have found so far. Many thanks for sharing your knowledge. 5 stars for you. Gustavo Berdugo

Feb 27, 2014 • Responsive WordPress Child Themes Tutorial Part #2 Updated Version Scary how good Allan is, I tell you I emailed Allan with an issue I had with my website today and he fixed it. Sounds easy, and he made it seem easy…….. but I had been working on it for 3 days and he worked with me on it for hours. The reason he has 16 thousand views is because Allen is patient with people who he has helped. Once I put it in his hands, he had it done in 2 mins.. Amazing, If you have a website to have built, or issues with a wordpress site. Email him. I cannot give a higher praise. Thanx Allan for getting me out of a Jam!! jm6532

Feb 21, 2014 • WordPress Responsive Theme Basics 2014 Allan. Wow, my friend, you are awesome and you’re saving my *** bigtime. New to wordpress and I’m using the Responsive Pro Theme. Thanks for all the information. Gabby Sabatini

Feb 16, 2014 • WordPress Responsive Theme Transparent Pages I just wanted to say thanks again for all your superb Responsive Theme tutorials Allan, this rgba transparency is AWESOME! Thanks also for making the CSS snippets available to your members 🙂 Safe journeys, Lord Dream

September 5th, 2013 • Wow Thanks …Great stuff, I can jump right in now rather than hunting, guessing & the always popular trial-by-error… appreciate your direct manner, clear explanations, and anticipation of optional edits we may wish to make directly in the code… like test size…Ptah Thothmes

August 18th, 2013 • Allan, I want to publicly thank you for your help. I was becoming extremely frustrated over an issue with WP, widgets, and plugins. I watched several of your videos and several of another’s videos on Responsive themes. After I had attempted everything I had seen on both of your sets of videos to no avail, I tried a “Hail Mary” I sent several emails to both you and this other individual. He referred me to the WP forum, which did not help at all. On the other hand, you personally answered EACH of my emails, and when you saw that I had attempted everything correctly already, you offered to look at my site and fix it for me. THANK YOU for taking the time to help someone you don’t even know. There were no sarcastic or snarky comments, just open, honest caring from one individual to another. Words cannot express the debt of gratitude I have for you. It is nice to meet someone who is truly all about helping his fellow man. Thank you, again. Joe Hair Dr. Joe Hair

Join these folks and many others in appreciation for the wealth of information, step-by-step guides, video tutorials and more provided by Allan at MindVisionMedia.net. Help support me and spread the word about my mission.  If you need Dynamic Responsive WordPress site design, child theme creation (even after you’ve modified the parent theme), child theme modification, graphics, ads, banners, flash animations or any other aspect of web design, contact me for a free quote and analysis of your project. I’m sure I can beat the other guys prices.

Or you can always just buy me lunch too 🙂

Allan Whitney

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