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The Web Design aspect will indeed be the fun part. Watching your idea come to life in a visual fashion will excite you and allow you to see your idea or plan as it begins to take form and shape. You will be able to take advantage of all the aspects we have discussed and apply them in this phase. Keeping in mind your niche, your target audience and what functionality will best suit the needs of your visitors or clients.

Your hosting package should have provided you with the tools needed to build your site without knowing any code. These site builder programs offer a lot of options to include pre-made professional looking themes, social media interaction and e-commerce if needed. You are now on your way with only a few more steps to complete.

The website of course is the main vehicle that will drive your business and interact with your potential customers. It is the visual interface they will use to navigate to what they are looking for. If the website is effective in conveying the solution to the consumer’s needs, you have a sale. If not they will navigate away from your site to another until they find what they are looking for.

This is why it is important to do planning and research on your niche and market so you can design a website that will suit a need or provide vital information for browsers and hopefully keep them there long enough to see what you have to offer. This is known as “stickiness” in the web culture. You want your visitors to get stuck at your site because it is providing them with valuable information that is interesting to them.

There are many design tools and software available to help you design your own website. Some of which are included in a hosting service package. Once you join a web hosting company and activate your website account, you will have access to all the available design tools, most of which don’t require any experience to operate.

The website process:

  •     Get a Domain Name
  •     Get Web Hosting
  •     Design your Site
  •     Launch your Site
  •     Market your Site
  •     Get Traffic to your Site
  •     Monetize your Site

The process can vary slightly but that is a basic chronological list of the process. I don’t recommend running out and getting a free website or a free hosting service for that matter because you will regret it in the long run. Remember what Grandma told you, nothing in life is free! A free website will most definitely have intrusive ad’s all over your site and your hands will be tied as far as what you can actually do with your site and content.

The overall appearance will be substandard for a business and you want to make a lasting impression on your visitors. With minimal to moderate expenditure and the right choices, you can have a beautiful website within your budget. I also don’t like the really big hosting companies because you don’t get the personal service you deserve.

Whether you build your site yourself or have someone like me build it for you, that is only the beginning to what could be a waste of time or a successful venture. It is the mission of Mindvisionmedia.net to help you establish a web presence that is appealing and fruitful through education and resources.

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