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WordPress Child Themes Update

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sunday 015Not all Themes Support Child Themes!

Hello all, I hope you are well. I wanted to do a quick post to clear up some questions with regard to child themes. The method(s) used to create a child theme are universal and can be applied to most WordPress themes. The exception is when the theme (parent) doesn’t support child themes. Not all theme developers are child theme friendly and do not put that capability in their design. You have to make sure your theme supports child theme development and support.

There are two things I look for when selecting a theme, whether it is “responsive” and whether it is child theme friendly. These days with so many resources and so much creative inspiration, having a stock WordPress install is almost unheard of. You will want to modify your theme to make it stand out from among the rest. After all, thousands of people have access to the same themes.

The advantages are that all of your modifications to the child theme will be preserved if the parent theme is updated. The work-around is to make copies of the original file before and after to preserve changes and the default code.. I like the fact that I can copy any template file I want to my child theme folder from the parent theme and edit away. Or just copy sections or details that pertain to the changes I want to make. With the exception of the “functions php” file, this file should not be copied over to the child theme directory but rather a new functions php file should be created inside the child theme to interact with the parent functions file.

A quick note: If you find yourself spending a lot of time modifying your theme, you may want to consider searching the themes depository for a theme that better suits your needs. There are thousands of themes available, both free and paid with a multitude of layouts and options for modification. You may be wasting considerable time forcing and trying to fit your content or design idea into a theme rather than fitting the right theme to your content.

I have made several child theme tutorials for YouTube but have recently updated those based on general feedback. My NEW child theme tutorials part #1 and part #2 are available now on YouTube. These updated tutorials are simplified and condensed to provide a simple course to follow for setting up your child theme, activating it and using it. I use the Responsive Theme from ThemeID in this tutorial but you can use any WordPress Theme you want that again, supports child themes.

Follow the links below to watch the new updated child theme tutorials and to download my “simple child theme instruction file” which includes the code you need to set up a child theme along with some simple instructions. I put this simplified child theme file together so you don’t have to be on the Internet to get instruction. You can place it on a flash drive and take it with you. if you have any questions regarding child themes, I’ll be happy to assist, just contact me via my website.

For versions 1.9.3 and earlier!

Watch Child Theme Tutorial Part#1 here:

Download Child Theme Code Here:

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