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Are you new to WordPress or Web Design? These tutorials will help you get up and running quickly with WordPress Responsive Theme. Start Learning WordPress by selecting a video from the YouTube playlist player below. Just click the view full screen button to watch at full size, then change the quality settings to your desire, enjoy!

Please select from the Playlist in the embedded player. Reference the video legend below for video order. Watch ALL 15 videos or skip forward to next video. Select Full Screen and video settings on the player or watch on YouTube. Thanks and enjoy!

Video Playlist Order:

  1. Full Width Header and Footer Tutorial
  2. Transparent Pages Tutorial
  3. Home PHP vs Front-Page PHP Tutorial
  4. Widgets and White Space Tutorial
  5. Responsive Theme Basics
  6. Home Page Slider, Google Search and Colophon Widget
  7. Menu on Right and Change Colors
  8. How to edit the “Copyright” and “Powered By” Footer
  9. Change Home Widgets Background and Title Color
  10. The “Call To Action Button” Text, Links and Color
  11. Editing Home Page Widgets 1,2 and 3 w/BONUS Tutorial
  12. Remove Home Widgets 2 and 3 Widget 1 Extreme Edit
  13. Adding Additional Home Page Widgets
  14. Child Themes Tutorial Part #1 Updated version
  15. Home Page Modification

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